Saturday, June 19, 2010

JUNE 19, 2010

For some days now, Mama and Papa have been bringing sticks to build up the nest. The babies are getting big. Mama does leave them alone for a few moments, but she still keeps a sharp eye out for intruders: Us, of course, Latte the Cat, and double-heads. These last are skates that swim into the shallows and gambol about. On each side, triangular tips rise above the water, looking like sharks' fins. We haven't seen skates here for several years, and neither, apparently, has Mama Osprey. She starts the "peep peep peep" alarm when she spots one.
The intrepid purple martins find shade on these hot days by perching under the osprey platform.
Papa has resumed dining atop Little Bird's masts, to our dismay. Jack has to hose unappetizing fish remains from the deck and cockpit.
All of us are waiting for a break in the heat and humidity.

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