Thursday, July 8, 2010

JULY 8, 2010

The 100-degree-plus temperatures in the last week have taken their toll on the ospreys.  Several days ago, we noticed that there was only one chick in the nest.  We're hoping that that's because the other one has fledged.  Papa, too, has been missing, so perhaps they are somewhere together.  We've grown fond of our ospreys and it's distressing to consider the alternative.
Mama shields the chick in the nest by spreading her wings to create shade. As the sun moves, she does, too.  On occasion, she stands on the edge and flaps her wings -- to get a little air moving, we think.  When it's too hot for even that, she tries some osprey ingenuity:  She plunges into the river, splashes around to get good and wet, then flies back to the nest to resume her vigil.
It's a tiny bit cooler today, and we've noticed some fishing going on.  As we've said, eating fish is how ospreys take in liquid.  So we're cautiously optimistic about their well-being.  We're also actually looking forward to a thunderstorm.

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