Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MARCH 14, 2011

The osprey is here.  She’s sitting atop her nesting platform as we take our morning coffee and newspapers out to the sunporch. 
We’re delighted to see her, of course, but we wish she’d waited a few days more. Gale-force winter winds and moving ice floes have bent the platform pole.  We had intended to straighten it before she arrived.
Now we feel guilty.  This bird has just flown from Costa Rica and we were too lazy to have readied her summer home.
The osprey goes fishing as we discuss what to do.  Should we tie a rope to the pole and then to the dock to pull it straight?  Will the osprey, which is irked by even the smallest change in her environment, abandon the nest?  Should we call Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, the people who installed the platform?

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