Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

We decide to photograph the ospreys. Captain Jack dons a bright yellow jacket and drags a deck chair to the water's edge. He sits down with his camera and waits. Of course, the ospreys vanish until he gives up and comes back in the house.
There is much discussion of buying a telephoto lens and/or a tripod. I bring up the fact that ospreys are supposed to get accustomed to seeing certain people (Such as the people who put up the platform for them!) and will accept their presence. Last year, though, that never happened.
So far this year, the notoriously observant birds (See "eyes like a hawk".) have spotted us sneaking around the corner of the garage and have sounded their annoyed "peep peep peep." Our appearance on our deck drives them to take flight. The only place they're not bothered by our presence is...the top of a mast. They've figured out that the windsock is not threatening, and also, that "Little Bird," docked next to our sloop "Kykuit Voyager," is a ketch and therefore has TWO masts to perch on.

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